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Portable Pre-assembly Tables – Toolbox


An Easy Technique for Pre-assembling Casing

(Photos by Kirk Grodske)

I don’t do a lot of trim work. But when I do, it’s often stain-grade or pre-painted, and the miters have to be perfect! I mostly hang doors, so I rarely have a full-size work table set up—usually, I just have a door bench. Most of the casing I work with is small. At first, I thought it was too small to survive a Clam Clamp, but I’ve learned better (more on that later!). Read the full article…


Track Saw Tutorial: Processing Sheet Goods

I recently worked on a video series for Festool in which I covered examples of how you might use a Festool track saw in a shop or on the jobsite. I typically work out of a small garage-based shop, and yet I’m able to process sheet goods in a one-person operation with limited space—something that wouldn’t be nearly as easy with a table saw. Read the full article…

TiC Toolbox

TiC Goes Mobile

Take the TiC Toolbox onto your jobsite!

The TiC Toolbox is a new, FREE mobile app—a pocket reference from, created especially for carpenters, contractors, and architects. Download the TiC Toolbox for instant, on-the-job problem-solving, for in-the-shop solutions, or use it as a desktop reference! This app will improve skills and increase productivity. Read the full article…

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