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Track Saw Tutorial: Quickly Ripping Plywood

I recently worked on a video series for Festool in which I covered examples of how you might use a Festool track saw in a shop or on the jobsite. In the following video, I demonstrate a quick, easy and safe method of ripping plywood sheets down into panels or strips. This technique is well-suited for producing cabinetry components.

A Note from the Publisher:

TiC will be republishing this video series, courtesy of Festool; visit to view the complete series, with additional content provided by other contributors.


I’m using the Festool parallel guide system in this video. These guides are designed to extend the track saw’s capability. They are one of the main reasons this technique is so efficient. Plus, each panel I rip is exactly the same size.


6 Responses to “Track Saw Tutorial: Quickly Ripping Plywood”

  1. john graybill

    Thanks for the Video How well does it work on wide (12-16″) rips?
    Has any one else had a problem with bowing after cutting miters?
    No matter how I do it my miter wraps I have a 1/16″ to 1/8″ or more gap when I put the mitered edges together.
    I’ve tried New Saw Tracks, blocking the track in place with a 2×3 piece of square tube aluminum (From Solid Surface Fabricators) to reduce deflection from sideways pressure of holding the saw flat and pushing forward.

  2. David Tuttle

    I’ve had the guides on my wish list for a while… but not the short ends, now that I’ve seen you use the short ends, they’re on my wishlist! Thanks for helping me spend my hard earned money. ;)

  3. Mark Schiller

    I was not using Festool. The brand that I used had a proprietary base that attached to a circular saw. I soon realized I was getting a very slight angle on cuts, that left the joints open 1/16 or less. The blade was not perpendicular to the work piece. I shimmed between the saw base and the track base, making the blade 90 degrees to the wood. Tightened up the miters.

  4. Eden1415

    Enjoyed the tips. Liked the way you supported your cut as well.

    I recently had to move and that gave me the opportunity to retool my shop. First thing I bought was a track saw. I also ended up purchasing a set of parallel guides for my track saw as well, the combination is awesome for cutting down sheet goods.

  5. Glenn Warner

    With such a loyal (and deserved) following in the US, would it kill Festool to offer the scale in imperial measurements? Or a self stick overlay. It took three versions of the saw before they offer a dual measurement.


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