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Building in general, and carpentry in particular, can be dangerous business. Accidents on jobsites and in workshops happen every day, and one mishap can end your livelihood or your life.

In the pages of THISisCarpentry, we show methods and practices that we think are safe. But safety is a very personal concept. What may feel safe in one situation might not feel safe in another. And a practice that seems safe for one person, might seem downright dangerous for another.

Please don’t try anything you see in THISisCarpentry, or anywhere else for that matter, unless you’re completely certain that you can do it safely.


• Keep all your tools in tip-top shape.

• Keep your mind in tip-top shape.

• Respect all tools, and fear them a little.

• Never rush your work.

• Always wear protective safety gear.

Enjoy your craft, but always be careful!

-The TiC Staff

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