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Lonestar Restoration

Be careful what you wish for!

I’m sure you’ve all watched shows on HGTV or DIY and, like me, you’ve probably wondered if the hosts know anything about building, if they know anything about flipping a house quick and cheap. Now here I am about to have my own show; it’s my turn, and suddenly I understand the challenges of TV land. Read the full article…

Notice: A Day with Gary Striegler

So much was happening back in the first weeks of September 2001. Reading the news and watching videos of the Twin Towers, few of us knew that Roger Cliffe passed way, after suffering a heart attack while riding his bike. While some people knew him as Dr. Cliffe, because he taught technology classes at Northern Illinois University, many of us knew Roger as a prolific author of woodworking books (Table Saw Techniques, Radial Arm Saw Basics, The Shaper Handbook, etc. ), and as an extremely approachable woodworking instructor. Read the full article…

Op-ed: Lead Dust Removal

A call for action

Two recent events inspired me to write this article. First, I began using—and decided to review—a vacuum system that employed HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filtration. The second event was a class I took on safe practices when dealing with lead-based paint. All the stars seemed to align, as I just had a prospective client contact me about a major remodel in a house built circa 1910. I have the training, I have a client, all I need to do is follow the prescriptive path set forth by the governing agency. It is here that the story begins to derail. Read the full article…

Stanley Sells Delta

More changes in the Tool Industry

Started in a garage by Herbert Tautz in 1919, and known for producing the first combination table saw/joiner, as well as The Unisaw, Delta Tools was recently sold by Stanley Black & Decker to Chang Type Industrial Co. of Taiwan, manufacturer of power tools for DeWalt, Black & Decker, Craftsman, and Ryobi. The tools will continue to be produced in the U.S. To learn more, read on! Read the full article…

Following the Signs

How do you respond when your integrity and patience are challenged?

Are you far enough along in life to have figured out that the best lessons are learned when convictions and integrity are tested?

If right and wrong could just be learned in the safe environment of the classroom, it would be so much simpler. True learning, however, occurs in the real world, often from the unexpected. Things that take us by surprise force our brains to react without a formulated plan or opinion. This kind of situation tests how strong you are. Hence the need to know beforehand what your personal convictions are, so when tested, good reasoning and integrity retain the upper hand. Read the full article…

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