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Articles by Matt Follett

Op-ed: Lead Dust Removal

A call for action

Two recent events inspired me to write this article. First, I began using—and decided to review—a vacuum system that employed HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Air) filtration. The second event was a class I took on safe practices when dealing with lead-based paint. All the stars seemed to align, as I just had a prospective client contact me about a major remodel in a house built circa 1910. I have the training, I have a client, all I need to do is follow the prescriptive path set forth by the governing agency. It is here that the story begins to derail. Read the full article…

Review: Festool CT26 and CT22 Compared

I had been pining for a Festool dust extractor for a while. I mentioned this to a Festool rep a few months ago, and that I was thinking of pulling the trigger on one. He said, “Can you hold off till October?” Huh? I just said I want to buy something from you. What kind of a salesman are you? Of course, I didn’t say that out loud; I think I just said, “Sure.” The wait turned out to be worth it when I received my new CT 26 dust extractor a couple weeks after it was released. Read the full article…