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Congratulations to Manny Silva

About a year ago, I met Manny Silva at the JLC Live Providence show. He was extremely excited about writing articles for magazines. I learned later that Manny is always excited—about construction, craftsmanship, writing, and taking his son to work!

Manny's son Carter is proud of his father! He took the recent issue of FHB to school for Show-and-Tell.

I told Manny we’d help him publish anything he wanted in THISisCarpentry. A week later he sent me photos and an outline. The photos weren’t great, but Manny took advice well, and, like everything else he does, he tackled the problem head-on: he learned how to use his camera skillfully, the same way he uses his power tools. Within a week, Manny sent new photographs. I knew the man was determined.

While we were working on that story, I introduced Manny to editors at JLC and FHB. Within a few months, he had a story published in JLC.

A few weeks ago, I met Manny at the JLC Providence show again, shook his hand and clapped him on the back. We should all congratulate the man.

This month, he published a feature article in JLC and a cover story in FHB. Way to go, Manny Silva!

Writing articles has changed my life; it will change Manny’s, too; and it could change yours, as well. Writing about the work we do hones our understanding of each step—steps we’re often unconscious of; verbalizing what we do forces us to sharpen not only our teaching skills but our carpentry techniques. And having a story published in a major magazine is a good way to differentiate and distinguish yourself from the competition.

If you’re interested in publishing an article (and publishing in TiC is a great way to introduce yourself to editors at JLC and FHB!), contact me! I’d love to help.


5 Responses to “Congratulations to Manny Silva”

  1. Evan

    Mr. Silva,
    I truly agree with M. Katz on the above items. Everyone who is willing to give a little extra in order to help fellow tradesmen out is worthy of many thanks. Doing a fine job is much easier when we have good instructors. I have seen too many jobs where, if it were done properly in the first place it would have saved many headaches. Thanks for your time and effort!

  2. Matt Follett

    Way to go Manny!

    I must say that I love reading articles from guys who are on the front lines and actually have to put their ideas to work. I have been fortunate in that I have worked with some great craftsmen who have shared their wealth of knowledge with me; I know others who did not have the same fortune. The more we can work to better those around us, the more we in turn improve ourselves.

    Oh and don’t think that people are reading your articles and it’s in one ear & out the other. I personally know another reader who – inspired by your workbench article – has taken your inspiration to the next level. I too am kicking around a ‘customization’ that will fit the kind work I do. Because you took the time to share your ideas, I am more knowledgeable and therefore better at what I do

    Gratefully reading,

    • Emanuel

      Thanks Matt, It’s nice to hear that I can inspire someone else to better themself. Keep me posted on your customization.

      Thanks Again


  3. Bill Hillman


    Many congratulations and some great articles. I hope to be there someday. I got to tell you, – I think the photo of your son is really cool. I have two young ones and I love how they want to help and get involved in projects I’m working on. We are lucky to be in one of the few occupations that allows us to directly engage our posterity.



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