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TiC Goes Mobile

Take the TiC Toolbox onto your jobsite!

The TiC Toolbox is a new, FREE mobile app—a pocket reference from, created especially for carpenters, contractors, and architects. Download the TiC Toolbox for instant, on-the-job problem-solving, for in-the-shop solutions, or use it as a desktop reference! This app will improve skills and increase productivity.

To download, simply view on your mobile device; a pop-up will appear with instructions for convenient offline viewing.

TiC Toolbox content will include relevant full-length articles from, abbreviated for mobile viewing. We will also be publishing Toolbox-specific tips and techniques from time to time—articles that our authors are writing especially for jobsite or workshop reference!

Please note: some memory storage is required and the app is most easily accessible with a Wi-Fi connection (although 3G or similar connectivity will be sufficient). The TiC Toolbox is not available through iTunes.


13 Responses to “TiC Goes Mobile”

  1. Dave D

    I think this will be a useful resource-thanks!

    I guess that strictly speaking this isn’t an app but a specialized set of web pages that are viewed in your phone’s regular browser. That strikes me as a pretty clever way to avoid all the overhead that would go with creating dedicated apps for various phone platforms. Adding a shortcut to my home screen makes the tool box quickly accessible.

    Works great on my Android phone even with a not-so-great 3G signal. Thanks again for this and all the resources on this site.

  2. Ronald Sauve

    Great! I love the layout, and everything on it!
    Only one question. My iPad is wifi only, and on the jobsite I seldom have wifi. You mention having this “for convenient offline viewing”. Maybe I’m missing something, but how can I view it offline if it is just viewing the web pages? Thanks for an awesome “app”.

    • Tristan Katz

      Hi Ronald,

      When you view the URL in your iPad web browser, you’ll want to click the “Add to Home Screen” option (it’s available in the icon of a small square with an arrow).

      Once you’ve added it to your home screen, the app will automatically save a cache of the articles you view when you’re connected to WiFi. That way, when you don’t have WiFi access, you’ll be able to view the content (although not the YouTube videos—those will still require an internet connection).

      We plan to publish more information in a Frequently Asked Questions page as we receive questions from TiC readers, so please feel free to ask any additional questions you might have! I’ll do my best to respond to them as clearly as possible.


      Tristan M. Katz
      Associate Editor,

  3. Sim Ayers

    No zoom button on the pages. The print is too small to read. Not really usable on my Android Google Nexus 7 tablet.


  4. Russ R

    I can not get it to load on my phone. No pop up appears. the screen says the “App is up to date”. What do I need to do?

    • Tristan Katz

      Hi Russ,

      There should be an option/button somewhere in your web browser that will allow you to save it to your dashboard/home page/mobile device.

      What kind of smartphone are you using?

      • Russ R

        I found it! Using my menu button on my phone. I thought the button would be on your site to start the process.
        Thanks for the help.

    • Tristan Katz

      Hi Bill,

      The app is displaying perfectly on my devices. Are you experiencing problems?

      Please let me know the specifics so I can better assist you!


      Tristan M. Katz
      Associate Editor,


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