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Articles by Roe Osborn

ChopShop Saw Hood by FastCap

Walk around any carpentry tradeshow and you’re bound to see a million gimmicks and gadgets. It’s rare that one warrants a second look, much less my full attention. But last Spring at JLC Live in Providence I had to stop when I walked by the FastCap booth.

FastCap is a company renowned for its innovative tools and gadgets designed by the folks that actually use them—there’s a concept!!! They have come up with a hood that mounts to any chopsaw or sliding compound miter saw. Read the full article…

Two new tape measures from Tajima

In New England where I’m from, carpenters wear many hats, from framing to finish and all in between. I’ve always had an array of hammers depending on which hat I might be wearing on a given job or given day. I have my 22 oz. long-handled hammer with a waffle head for framing, but I pick up a 16 oz. and sometimes even my 12 oz. hammer for finish work. So why is it that I’ve always used the same big, heavy, clunky 30-ft. tape for all my work? Read the full article…