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The ‘New’ K5 Kreg Jig     

It might not be so new anymore—it took me months to get my hands on the K5 Pocket Hole jig, but it was worth the wait. Years ago, the Kreg Tool Company changed the way we work by popularizing pocket-hole joinery. Since then, they’ve continued to improve on the original model. The new K5 Jig is extremely easy to adjust, comes with a box-full of accessories, and even though most everything is plastic and has that DIYer feel, this is a tool for professionals.

The K-5 comes with outboard material support—you no longer have to make your own support legs.


(Note: Click any image to enlarge)

And the legs hook into the body of the jig with slick dovetail joints—so if you don’t want to secure your jig and legs to a board, you don’t have to…but I still recommend it. _MG_4397-1
_MG_4399-1 The body of the jig and the extension legs are all pre-drilled for mounting screws.
The extension legs are hollow and both have small lids, so it’s easy to store all the accessories which come with the K5: the stepped drill-bit, the long square drive bit, along with some new improvements, too. _MG_4403-1

The kit even comes with a self-adhesive chart for determining screw size and length based on thickness of material.

One new accessory is a repetitive stop, which is easy to remove and extremely handy for drilling rail parts.

_MG_4404-1 _MG_4405-1
The K5 also comes with a gauge block that makes it easier to adjust the stop collar on the stepped drill bit, so all your pocket holes are exactly the right depth. No more drilling holes into the body of the jig! _MG_4407-1
The bushing guide is much easier to adjust, too: Just pull back the spring-loaded pin, and slide the guide block up or down. The new guide block is clearly marked so it’s easy to see the right thickness setting for different materials. _MG_4408-1

A spacer is also included with the kit, so you can use the jig for drilling repair holes in a variety of different materials. Use one spacer for repairs in 1/2-in. material; add a second spacer (not included in the kit) for 3/4-in. material.

_MG_4413-1 _MG_4417-1
The dust port snaps in or out, and it’s a useful addition, too. If you keep the dust out of pocket holes, your drill bit will stay sharper longer! _MG_4409-1
I’ve saved the best improvement for last: The clamping mechanism is now very easy to adjust—no more threaded nuts. With the clamp down, just push on the gray release button and slide the plunger up to your workpiece, then slide the plunger one more click, and you’re ready to go. _MG_4418-1

Watch this video and you’ll see how easy it is to adjust the new K5 clamp:


4 Responses to “The ‘New’ K5 Kreg Jig     ”

  1. Big Bob

    I’ve been building a kitchen with stain grade maple. I bought this jig to help with the production aspect of the face frames. Once I got the configuration and set up adjusted, it worked like a dream. It cut my time in half. The only way it could have been improved was if I’d bought the power unit. Next I’ll be attaching the face frames with this jig. Should be mush easier than the old school device I’ve been using. Thanks for reviewing this.

  2. Eden1415

    Gary —

    The new K5 Kreg Jig is awesome. Recently we had to move and I had to leave behind most of my old shop tools. One of the first tools I purchased, after my MFT/3 & TS 55, was a Kreg K5.

    I don’t think your video gives enough credit to Kreg for the re-engineering and remastering of a great tool, into one that is tough to beat.

    It made simple work of doing the carcases for the new house cabinets, and for the shop storage that I had to do.

    The K5 is well though out, and implemented by Kreg.

    Keep the video’s coming.


  3. Dave

    I bought the Kreg jig 5 years ago to build a gate. Since then, it has helped create furniture, cabinets, and frames. It is the single most useful accessory I’ve ever purchased.

  4. Eric Tavitian

    I bought the K-5 jig a couple of months ago to help with a cabinet project for a client. The work went well. The jig allowed us to assemble the face frames at a rapid clip. The time it saved allowed me to get another job competed in the same time frame making the customer very happy. High quality time saving production is essential these days for us.


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