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SawGear: A Second Look

SawGear has improved their digital miter saw stop system and the improvements are worth knowing about. The system is still expensive—out of the range of most finish carpenters—but for production crews, or for companies that pre-cut a lot of moldings in their shop, the new improvements are a game changer.

Saw Gear 1-1

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A few years ago, when SawGear first debuted their digital miter saw stop system, I tried to use the tool to cut baseboard and crown molding and couldn’t, at least not for pieces with outside corners—the onboard computer worked only for casing and butt cuts. I also found that on some saws, where the pivot point wasn’t flush with the face of the miter saw fence, I couldn’t cut inside corner miters either. Click here to read my review of the original SawGear.

But SawGear has solved both those problems.

You can now adjust the computer to read off the pivot point on any saw, so cutting inside corner miters in baseboard, chair rail, and crown molding—where you’re measuring and cutting to the long point—is just like making butt cuts.

And SawGear is now available with a new program called Crown+MiterPro, which converts the casing miter and measurement buttons to read corner angles and measurements. Saw Gear 2-1

With these two new improvements, you can now use SawGear to run through any cutlist—casing, baseboard, chair rail, or crown molding. If you move your material from your left to your right, and you set up SawGear on the right side of your saw, you’ll find the system requires a little thoughtfulness at first, but it’s deadly accurate.


5 Responses to “SawGear: A Second Look”

  1. Jesse wright

    Excellent look at the new improved saw gear!! It looks like the new features really solve the issues with cutting trim–as well as being much more adaptable to different saws, fixtures and aux fences. Thank you for the demo, and taking a second look at sawgear!

  2. kevin

    I own a 3-axis cnc router for that price. where do they come up with their pricing?

  3. David Foos

    This is great for companies that can afford it.
    I am tired of carpentry being so competitive.
    I am currently looking at another career.


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