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My New Shop: Installing WindsorONE T&G Boards

It’s pretty moist at my new home in Southern Oregon, but no matter where you live, you need to be sure to check the moisture content of your material before you install it, especially if you get a second shipment!

A Note from the Publisher:


Many people have asked about my new home and shop, so we’re publishing a new series of From the Road articles. You’ll notice I’m using a lot of Katz Roadshow-sponsored materials. We choose our sponsors carefully, from among the best manufacturers in the industry, and that’s why I chose to use their products on my own home, too, some of which were donated.


For every 4% change in moisture content, wood moves 1%! To allow your material to expand or shrink as necessary, you’ll want to be sure you know what the moisture content is before installation.

But perhaps just as important as checking the moisture content, you have to read the manufacturer’s installation instructions of your material before you install it. WindsorONE’s T&G installation instructions call for pre-drilling for any fasteners that are close to the end of the board. If you don’t pre-drill, it’ll be your fault when it splits!


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  1. Kent Brobeck

    Gary, looking good! No wonder you aren’t coming to Pittsburgh. You have your hands full!


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