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Adding photo refs to your article

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of instructions for submitting articles to THISisCarpentry. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ASK.

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Below is an example of how photo references (refs) should look in your submitted article. Please save your article as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx files). Note that all photo/image/video refs should be in RED. (You can change the color of text using the Formatting Palette in Word. Choose the View menu, then Formatting Palette.) Don’t change the names of your photos! Just use the numbers assigned by your camera!!

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TITLE: SawGeara First Look

By Gary Katz

Setting up the SawGear

Setup on my saw stand was a snap. In fact, it took a lot longer to unpack the new tool than to set it up. All I did was screw the two mounting brackets down to my wooden extension wing [img_2038]. The fence snaps into the brackets. Two knobs lock it down [img_2055]. A long spindle on the bottom of the Controller–the brains of the tool, mounts to a matching gear in the top of the fence [img_2449]. The Controller is locked to the fence with two pivoting cam locks. Rotate the levers parallel with the fence to engage the locks in the channel, then rotate the levers perpendicular to the fence and lock down the cams. It’s that easy to setup the Controller. [img_2244 & img_2237].

Calibrating the Controller

Put the piece of wood against the fence, and then push the INCREMENT button until the saw blade is lined up perfectly with the measurement mark.

[Short Video: SawGear: Increment Button]

For some carpenters, it might be easier to make a small kerf and align the blade with the kerf by pressing the Increment button. On my Kapex, I calibrate the distance to the laser, which is adjusted to cut right in the center of my pencil lines.

Cutting casing is like cutting cake.

To use the SawGear while cutting casing legs, either the long point of the casing will be against the flip-stop or the butt end of the casing will be against the flip-stop. Be sure to press the correct X or Z button prior to pressing the START button, so that the stop will be positioned in the right location.

[img_2769: Caption: When you cut casing legs with the SawGear, you’ll be using both the X and the Z angle buttons for right-hand and left-hand legs.]



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