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Submission Guidelines

Our articles are written by real carpenters and contractors, just like you!

Maybe you have a project you’re particularly proud of and you’d like to share it with others. Or maybe you’d like to review some great new tool you just can’t live without. If it’s about carpentry and/or the construction industry, then we—and our readers—want to know about it!

We have no length requirements. Write the article as if you’re telling a story to a fellow carpenter. Keep it simple, but don’t skimp on details! We prefer topics of substance, articles that offer a valuable perspective, articles that will get people talking.

There are no contracts to sign. You will own all the rights to your article. Period.

Safety issues: We encourage authors to use “best practices” when demonstrating anything in photos and video. Use ear and eye protection, saw guards, etc. We want to set a good example when it comes to safety.

Click on the links below to learn more about submitting an article to THISisCarpentry:

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Tips for writing your article

Tips for photographing your work

Adding photo references (refs) to your article

Shooting Video

Sending images to TiC