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Missing emails from THISisCarpentry?

Some of you may have noticed that you stopped receiving article notification emails from us, even though you didn’t unsubscribe. Some of you may have tried to subscribe, and never started receiving our emails. After some digging, we figured out what happened:

For some reason, AT&T decided to block our emails from reaching their customers (as well as, and customers, etc.). Since our emails were being bounced back to us, our subscription system may have eventually bumped you off the subscribers list (after a certain number of emails don’t reach an email address, our system will remove that email address). This is why some of you were getting emails, and then they stopped, for seemingly no reason.

If your email address ends in one of the following domains, you were among those effected:

We have finally been able to remove the AT&T email block. AT&T provided no explanation for why they blocked our emails in the first place.

Readers whose email addresses end in the domains listed above can now re-subscribe, and they should begin receiving notification emails from us. But, we still recommend using a Google or Yahoo email address, given the unpredictability of AT&T’s arbitrary—and obviously extremely flawed—policies.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused those of you who have been effected.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.